Word Blog Star

word blog temp

what is poetry?
the wrangling of life’s chaos
into sublime form

architecture of scansion:
word by brick we build our voice

singing wild silence:
complex musical vortex
like Pollock’s painting

meandering alphabet
seeking sacred syllable

word and blog and star:
wildly rejuvenating
linguistic triad

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Enter the Tourist

enter the exorcist

where’s The Pike’s Market?
they asked me obnoxiously:
squeezed by the Squeal Squad

blue lutefisk wandering:
local poignancy destroyed

enter the tourist:
concrete dragon conquering

anodyne village annoyed;
smells like parasite spirit

Seattle stranded;
queasy from the query — quote:
where’s The Pike’s Market?

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House with Piano

house without piano

memorizing fate:
lamenting pentatonic
scales ephemera

sacred glossolalia
commodified poignantly

cold winter music
conjuring childhood fancy:
house with piano

stolen solace lingering;
sleeping underneath the bridge

all the things you are
concealed within memory:
no direction home

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Lanyard & Badger

slick boys with thick masks
up on the Hill carousing:
flash and crash and bash

ampersand bistro babies;
twenty-three-dollar taco

transforming Cascadia:
pillage the village

Amazon river breeding;
stinking up the Duwamish

zombies in a house
of madness with fierce credit:
lanyard & badger

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The Petrichor Life

the petrichor lyfe

after the weather
transfiguring the other
moods burn and turn wild

scent of change the weather brings
when flora sings petrichor

the petrichor life
demands wild understanding

scene of transfiguration
among flora and fauna

wild ancient forest
cultivating alchemy
sorrow brings magic

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Anger the Angel

gray rose 485

awaken the song:
the sleeping spectrum’s waiting;
color the canvas

the black and the white reveal
the circle of fifths with glee

wandering sublime
like wayward linguistic games
revealing flowers

wild and wandering westward
song declaiming “set me free”

anger the angel:
the frisky flag’s unfurling;
capture the zeitgeist

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Hinge of History

hinge of history

white is the color:
painting history’s canvas;
the door is closing

“what if?” was the mystery:
speculating forever

red is the color:
the blood flows through the entrance;
the door is ajar

hail the hinge of history:
who decides who enters here?

black is the color:
transformation of landscape;
the door’s opening

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